Berkly Davenwend

A bit quirky


Status: Alive
Race/Species: Human
Affiliation(s): Unknown
Residence: Leeward Cove


Berkly Davenwend is the fourth born son in a family of ancient nobility. He has three older brothers, one younger brother, and two sisters. His mother and father, both born into wealth and nobility, married and moved from their homeland to Leeward Cove, where they built a modest manor (oxymoron?) to the northeast of the village. Their eldest son, Brom the Stone Fisted, is a fighter known for his impressive strength (at least 17) and his preference to fight without a sword. Their second son, Rand the Unimpressive, dedicated himself to the study and taming of birds, especially eagles. He was a disappointment to his entire family. The third son, Norm the Extraordinary, is a magic-user of high intelligence and dexterity. Berkley, or Berk the Slight, is lesser than his siblings, so he constantly attempts to prove his worth. This is why he volunteered to rescue Arianne. The youngest son, Borm the Dissimilar, is known and liked throughout the village for his charisma. The older of the two sisters, Winfred, is a skilled gymnast and acrobat. The younger sister, Shae, is a jack of all trades, and she gives her brothers hell for being their superior, except for Berkly, who she loves and adores. They share a special bond.

Berkly Davenwend

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